12th - 28th October 2018

This is the second in a sequence of exhibitions in which a large series of sheet works by Jacqui Hallum are installed in the context of a set of small works or an object by another maker. At Intercession Gallery, Jacqui will be exhibiting alongside Phil Root who has been specially commissioned to make a vessel with no pre-ordained form or function. The exhibition will be curated by Dan Howard-Birt.

Previously to this show at Intercession Gallery, Jacqui's works were shown with a series of printed images by Leon Kossoff at Kingsgate Project Space. After the Intercession exhibition, Jacqui will exhibit works alongside a collection of antique Berber rugs; work by Dieter Roth; a Wabi-Sabi pot in galleries across the UK. A book will be published to mark these exhibitions.

Jacqui Hallum lives and works in Totnes, Devon. Her paintings have long embraced slow change. For many years she cultivated crystal-forming sulphates to grow up the surface of the paintings such that they would bloom and shift hue in direct response to local atmospheric conditions, and so alter the rhythms and dynamics of the painting. More recently Jacqui’s process has included the use of unstretched fabric or large paper sheets that are hung in careful arrangements so as to conceal and reveal vital passages of colour stain or loosely transcribed images.

In 2018 Jacqui won the prestigious John Moores Painting Prize.