After the Party a cabinet of relics and leftovers from eating events including Daniel Spoerri, Francesca Anfossi, Hannah Lees and others.

Curated by Dan Howard-Birt & Francesca Anfossi

After the Party was shown alongside The Kiss or Poison Boyfriend or Jesus' Blood at Intercession Gallery October 2017


We all came together, choosing advantageously positioned chairs. We poured wine into each other's glasses. We fed ourselves from the plates placed before us, until we were satisfied. We (some of us) laughed; we chewed over ideas which had by turns carefully and recklessly been wrapped up in questions; we feigned empathetic responses and resisted the temptation to goad those of us known to hold fragile, entrenched opinions. And we poured new wine. Dessert came and went. And then we drank coffee. One of us took a fresh mint tea (oh, coffee's not good for me at this hour...). Two or three of us forewent coffee and opened some more wine. Our heads were light. We liked each other a little more. There was talk of the next time, and of tube trains. Some of us left and some of us stayed. You came back from the kitchen with another bottle of wine. We laughed.

Text by Dan Howard-Birt 2017