InCase.5 SMASHING TIME curated by Sophie Cero, with Julia Maddison.    Pocket Hospital, printed vinyl, felt, battery operated lamp, iPhone, speaker, cloth, pins. 2018

Pocket Hospital, Julia Maddison 2018 - supplied by Julia Maddison with thanks.

The sounds, laminations and objects that Sophie Cero has selected work together towards creating a narrative that is never completely defined. Instead it remains a potential element that is suspended in a continually repeating loop of audio. The audio begins as a feint and careful explorative tapping which builds towards a loud and brutal shattering-glass blast . This is followed by a finalising silence which serves to halt any further progression of story. As the brief moment of inconsequential but consentrated shock and desolation passes, the audio starts again, condemning the barely suggested narrative to accompany it into an ever-repeating future.

14-28th February 2018 Thursday - Sunday 12-4pm or by appointment

InCase.4 ‘Heavier than a death in the family’.

This show brings together the work of two photographers who, on the surface, have very differing practices, William Bunce and Petr Strouhal.

William Bunce’s work is rooted in still life, spanning editorial, advertising and fine art. He often collaborates with set designers, sculptors, and other artists, to encourage visually unique and serendipitous images.

For InCase the work that was selected from Bunce forms part of his personal portfolio ‘Metamorphosis’.

Petr Strouhal is a photographer who currently combines a large format analogue film camera with scanning technology. Owing to the slow nature of this process Strouhal is able to manipulate and edit the image as it is being recorded. What emerges is a distorted, deformed world often sinister and sometimes humorous.

Private view is Saturday 18th November 2017. 6 - 9pm.

The exhibition runs from Thursday 16th November to Sunday 3rd December 2017. Intercession Gallery First Floor, The Tower 54 Kingswell Street Northampton NN1 1PR

‘Heavier than a death in the family’ is curated by Luke Harby.


InCase.3 After the Party

Hannah Lees, Harmony Korine, Daniel Spoerri, The Grantchester Pottery, Dermot O'Brien, Emma Underhill, Francesca Anfossi
curated by Dan Howard-Birt & Francesca Anfossi

We all came together, choosing advantageously positioned chairs. We poured wine into each other's glasses. We fed ourselves from the plates placed before us, until we were satisfied. We (some of us) laughed; we chewed over ideas which had by turns carefully and recklessly been wrapped up in questions; we feigned empathetic responses and resisted the temptation to goad those of us known to hold fragile, entrenched opinions. And we poured new wine. Dessert came and went. And then we drank coffee. One of us took a fresh mint tea (oh, coffee's not good for me at this hour...). Two or three of us forewent coffee and opened some more wine. Our heads were light. We liked each other a little more. There was talk of the next time, and of tube trains. Some of us left and some of us stayed. You came back from the kitchen with another bottle of wine. We laughed.

Showing alongside 'The Kiss or Poison Boyfriend or Jesus' Blood

Opening 12th October 6pm - 9pm

Image: Francesca Anfossi

Intercession opening times: 
13-28 OCT 2017 Thur-Sun 12-4pm or by appointment PV 12 OCT 6-9PM



InCase.1 Radiant Opacity

Ikran Abdille | Jonathan Alibone | Luke Harby | Sayed Sattar Hasan | Rachael House | Danielle Smith curated by Alexander Small