Troglodyte Antiphon is a new immersive installation at Intercession Gallery by frequent collaborators Sebastian Thomas and Leah Stewart. Using digitally printed images of stone the artists have transformed the gallery space into a facsimile of a cave through which the public can enter and encounter the works. Housed throughout this mimetic cave structure are a combination of new sculpture, textiles, paintings and works on paper. Using a range of tactile processes, including plaster sculpture, collage, ceramics, basketry, silk painting and drawing, slow and fast making combine to create fragments of an imaginary civilisation speaking through the detritus left behind.  

Sebastian Thomas (b. 1986) is an artist whose practice spans printmaking, collage, drawing, sculpture and installation. Central to his work are the processes of collage and assemblage, a strategy that allows him to interrogate the functions of language and how it informs our understanding of the world. Recent exhibitions include The Weather Garden: Anne Hardy curates the Arts Council Collection at Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, Wild Service at Kingsgate Project Space, London and The Listener at Three Colt Gallery, London.  

Leah Stewart (b.1985) works across painting, textiles, sculpture and print. Craft techniques such as natural dyeing, basketry, ceramics, and crochet are used in combination with painting, drawing and traditional apothecary to make installations exploring animism, ritual and our relationship with the natural environment. Recent exhibitions include Wild Service at Kingsgate Project Space, London, A Casual Texture at Outset Contemporary Arts, London and Your Arms Are Full Of Flowers, My Mouth Is Full Of Stones at Lumberjack, London.