Intercession  Gallery shows artworks that have used or responded to printmaking in their production.
Artist run, non profit / self-funded, gallery space founded and managed by Pauline Wood


 Access: We sincerely regret that there is no wheelchair access.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Intercession Gallery would like to acknowledge the help given by fellow artists Sharon Reeves, Mark Sibley, Sam P. Gibson and Claire Jarvis with special thanks to Alexander Small in helping with Intercession's establishment and for his continued support. Also to Mike Teesdale, John Teesdale and Richard Teesdale. Thanks to Tiyana Pentland our current Intern and Laura Forbes - intern between February and April 2018. Special mention to Dan Howard-Birt for encouragement, enthusiasm and inspiration and to Jayne Corfield and Paul Greco. And most especially to John Wood without whose ideas and inventions Intercession Gallery would not be possible.