Trans Vex photosphere


Intercession Printmaking Studio and Gallery's inaugural exhibition Trans Vex an expanded print exhibition by Alexander Small.
The Trans Vex exhibition will open on 20th October 6pm to 9pm and continue until 6th November opening Thursday to Sunday 12 until 6 or by appointment.
Trans - Vex refers to trans meaning across and vex meaning to annoy, trouble or disturb. The trans being the act of translating historic images particularly pre and early modern print imagery to a different medium that of paint. This methodology is an absurd act in itself, to paint a printed image really labours its material qualities. This coupled with the themes of the images taking their cues from the essay 'Toward a metaphysics of shit' (2002) by Jean Fisher lead to an exploration of the idea of the trickster to trouble and annoy in a way to renew and affirm life.